Planting-The plot thickens!

Whether you have a large or small garden.
A very important part to consider is the planting, which is often overlooked.
Expanses of hard landscape construction can make an area feel very harsh, cold and empty. This is where the introduction of plants, transforms an idea, into a garden.

When you have a new lawn or paved area, even an expanse of decking, whatever time of year it is it will always look the same.
You can spend a fortune on expensive natural York stone paving but without planting to enhance and soften it, the paving will never be shown off to its full potential.

Plants however evolve throughout the seasons constantly changing to give you all round year interest.
Spring brings you the forming of new leaf buds, bulbs poking up through the soil, the early flowers bringing colour telling you the cold winter is over and your garden is springing, quite literally into life.
To summer with perennials and shrubs battling for the most colourful showiest blooms.
To be able to sit in your garden, the air full of sweet fragrances, watching a greater diversity of birds and insects that favour your garden thanks to the greater range of planting is just another advantage of having your borders professionally planned.
With autumn slowly creeping in, leaves turn the most beautiful colours of crimson, orange and yellow to name a few.
Winter is just as impressive with seed heads of grasses tinted with frost giving you that picture perfect postcard right outside you window. The texture of bark, so much more apparent bare and leafless.

We at icon, however large or small the project can help and advise you to awaken your garden, with the use of creative planting schemes. We will create borders with all year round interest, blend structure, texture, shape, colour and form together, to complement each other and to create both a haven for nature and a place for you to relax and unwind.

Even planting a small area can transform the whole appearance of your property, so Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are knowledgeable plants people, who are willing to share our know how with the fanatical plant lover as much as the gardening beginner.

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